5% of every purchase is donated to the LA Food Bank. Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental US
5% of every purchase is donated to the LA Food Bank. Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental US
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About Us



Established in 2014 John & Mickie has always been a part of the Responsibility Conversation. There was nothing else to do but manufacture clothes differently.  The tragedy at Rana Plaza and Andrew Morgan’s Documentary "The True Cost" about the rise of Fast Fashion and the impact of disposible clothing on our planet sealed the deal.

Early on we were then part of a the design collective called Factory LA.  All the designers proudly used the term Slow Fashion  to describe our wares. So wanting to be the polar opposite of fast fashion. We were born into this awareness and more importantly the movement had started.

Today it’s different. Most everyone is aware of the impact of garment manufacture on our planet. Responsibility and sustainablitily are now words that we ALL understand.  Such a difference a decade makes.

Here is what we do to Keep Our Foot Print Small:

We cut every piece of clothing to order. That means when we get an order for our clothes we cut only those clothes. We do that for our stores as well as our personal customers. We have no Inventory of clothing. That way we do not have extra clothes to go on sale or dispose of to other countries (who do not want them anymore) or worse put them in a landfill, a common practice. Finally we are now seeing laws world wide that make the practice of destroying clothes and putting them in a landfill illegal.

We make all our clothes out of washable fabrics. This is important to help keep the petro chemicals out of the water supply. Our tapestries are best when washed in cold water and a natural detergent.

For the record ALL clothing is hand made. We also hand cut a lot of our clothes. That saves so much fabric that would end up in a landfill. We have lots and lots of quilter friends that make good use of our scraps too.

We pack and ship with as little waste as possible. We we use paper tape and tissue paper to our individual customers. For our wholesale accounts We ship using reusable garment bags (to keep clothes dry) and shipping boxes to stop a razor blade from getting at the clothes. Both the plastic garment bags and shipping boxed are meant to be reused. The only place we use plastic tape is to cover the mailing label. 

We make our clothes in Los Angeles miles away from where they are created.

John & Mickie are my Mom and Dad. Mickie was a collector and a true artist working and collecting beads. Her work was amazing, I realized that when one of her necklaces I was wearing broke and as I was picking up the pieces in tears I could see her attention to every small detail. John was an engineer designing the guidence systems for this countries major rockets. A real rocket scientist. I named our company in their honor because they stayed together for us no matter what.  My husband and business partner Gary and I are forever grateful for seed money they left us to start.

We are so very proud to run a Responsible Fashion Brand


Loraine Ebbins